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Cheyennes Country Thangs

19319 Holly Lane ** Lutz, Fl. 33548

(813- 333- 8611)

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Winner from last week ending 1-30-2016
Check your ticket for number:  #075758
If this was the number you pulled,
 you are the winner of a bountiful basket of  fruit, veggies, cheese, butter, jelly, honey and a pack of meat to go with!! 
  Claim your prize when you pick up
your co-op this week ending February 6th deadline.
You must have ticket to claim prize: Good Luck!!!!
Pick up some fresh seafood this week at Cheyenne's:
  Salmon, Snow Crab Legs, Jumbo Alaskan Scallops, Gulf Shrimp!!

Example of 1 co-op bag: all organic & FRESH!!$20


So easy to grow and harvest....
Miracle Tree!!!   Moringa

Everyone should have a Moringa Tree!!
Want us to ship a Miracle Tree to Someone Special on your list!!
 Give us your order and  the  tree will
 arrive in 7 to 14 days!!!  Great Gift!!!
Comes with complete instructions and benefits!!
Start Harvesting in 12 weeks or LESS!!
Call 813 333 8611   OR email us :
choose one of the following instead of your Co-op Bag

  Herb Medley "take 7 plants"

  $23 value of Meats "you choose"

Let us cater your next festival or event
  We catered  St. Joseph  Hospital's 5th anniversary celebration!!

We received thumbs up from St. Joe's president and staff
Moringa Trees
All Families should have a moringa tree in case our waters get contaminated. Cleans 99%  of impurities from water.
All Familes should have a moringa tree  because of the medicinal properties.
99 % of the tree is Edible!!   Flowers taste like mushrooms,
Bean Pods taste like asparagus, Seeds, super cooking oil or cleans contaminated water. The Leaves cook like spinach but much, much higher in IRON!
Roots use like horseradish, the list goes on and on.................

Ready to harvest in 7 to 8 weeks. Grows super fast & tolerates poor soil,
sun & heat!   Call 813 333 8611 or email us at
Natures Wonder Tree *Full of nutrition and health benefits!!
All of tree is edible/medicinal


In business since 2009 and we love bringing fresh, organic  items to our members and the general public.
You can email us to register or
________give us a call at 813 333 8611______

 salmon, 7 oz lobster tails
  scallops, shrimp, crab legs.....and more.........
Join today and enjoy fresh seafood!!

Do you want fresh fruits and veggies for weeks!!!
bluapple is amazing!!  You will save big!!
Don't throw away your food, keep it fresh for weeks...
Folks this really works great!!
  It's here...........the start to savings!!
No more throwing away produce!!

  Cheyennes Membership savings
Register for 6 months and we waive the registration fee
Folks take a look at your grocery receipts and compare the cost of Cheyennes Organic to the big store Organic prices.
Plus no one can beat our customer service and hospitality, NO ONE!!
save on your Organic purchases
Call us to sign up: 813 333 8611

SuperBoost Elixir
This homemade Enzyme Juice is the Spark of Life. Made with all organic fruits, vegetables and herbs. Enzymes keep us alive, the higher we keep our Enzymes reserve, the healthier our bodies will be. They increase your energy levels and vitality. They detoxify the body. They transform and store energy. They enhance all aspects of our immune system. They have no side effects and promote tissue repair.
Enzymes are the most important part of your body repairing its self.
Pick up a bottle today!!!
Local  HOney,
click on weekly market items at top of page for more of this weeks harvest!!

We carry lots of edible plants at Cheyenne's


Fresh Chicken Eggs

Chicken Eggs have an invisible membrane around them called a "bloom"
If this membrane is in tact, bacteria ( good or bad ) will not get into the egg.
The bloom protects the quality of the egg and keeps it fresh longer.
Flowers & Fresh Herbs
Pick some up at the market

We sell some of the BEST local no high fructose corn syrup
it is made with local, no hormone or antibiotic milk......

  Just delicious!!!
  We are open for our Co-op Members only on
Wednesdays 4pm to 6pm,
Thursdays &  Fridays 2:30pm to 5;30pm
and Saturdays, 9am to 10am & up until 2pm
Open to the General Public on Saturdays, 10am to 2pm

Hello Folks, this is Bella
we wanted to tell you her story;

On July 1, 2009 this presumabl
y healthy two year old girl was under
attack by a monster called stage IV neuroblastoma. Bella had a large
 inoperable  tumor with bone marrow, bone and lymph node metastasis.
 She was given a 30% chance of surviving five years! When the shock and
terror wore off the family the family started a Army of prayers with their
many friends, family and others who just care. The family immediately
contacted the leading hospital for neuroblastoma treatment,
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York City.
The physicians and researchers  tried everything to control Bella's disease.
In August of 2013, Bella started a promising clinical trial
 at MDAnderson Cancer Center. It failed.
The last five years have been a roller coaster of triumphs
 and set backs. Bella has battled and victoriously conquered
 this beast 3 times. Seven weeks ago the family learned that

 despite every effort to rid Bella's body of this disease,
it returned with a vengeance! The family has started treating
Bella using the GersonTherapy. Bella's body is responding well

with the supplements and organic juicing. Bella exchanged her
 childhood on a play ground for a battle in a hospital room,
 without victory.
Let's help Bella fight her disease by donating to this family
or by purchasing juicing supplies at the market for Bella.
You can email the family at ;
You can mail your donation to
Isabella Denisulk, 21442 Woodstork In Lutz, FL 33549
If you would like to speak with them  about Bella just give your phone
 number in the email and the family will call you back.
We will keep you updated on the progress of Bella

Click here for Cheyenne's Meat/Misc.  Co-op bag for the week
and for a list of all meats available at the market


You can order a meat bag 3 ways:

Co-op Reviews

Storing Organic Produce
Organic produce is grown without the use of harmful chemicals, pesticides  or preservatives. It's important to store them correctly so they stay fresh longer.
You don't have to store garlic bulbs, potatoes, winter squash or onions in the fridge, however I store all of my  organic produce in cold storage and I take it out & let it stand at room temperature for best flavor before eating.
You can use cloth cold storage bags.

OR  Purchase a bluApple and throw in your produce bin for fresh veggies for weeks!!
you can bring those leafy greens back to life!
Immerse the greens in ice water for about 20 minutes to  quickly refresh!

We are open for our members only on  Wednesdays 4pm to 6pm ,
Thursdays and  Fridays 2:30pm to 5:30pm

and Saturdays members only 9am to 2pm and 
*********General Public 10am to 2pm


One of the BEST organic olive oils you can buy!!

Traditional Organic extra Virgin Olive Oils. Smooth,
never bitter. Chefs around the world love this olive oil.
Most olive oils do not have the same healthy characteristics of this oil.
A lot of olive oils may be less expensive but may be harmful to your health rather than helpful.
This olive oil is high in Monounsaturated fat,
the GOOD Kind of fat! 
The other fraudulent olive oils contain other oils 
that are high in saturated fat and can raise cholesterol levels rather than help.
This company also gives to many hunger charities.

click on this link to learn about olive oil fraud;
Actual location of olive trees* So Clean and Beautiful!!

Mema's Dried Herbs, Pink Peppercorns and  Pink Salt
are available

Pink Salt
One of the purest salts found on earth.
No other salt compares.
 Pink salt delivers many healing benefits,
such as lowering blood pressure, 
improves circulation & it detoxifies the body.


Here are some examples of 1, 2, and 3 memberships.
 Get on board this weekend!
What cha waiting FOR
come choose your fresh produce......and more!!

Example 1 membership   
$20.00  1 Bag

This is what was picked for this co-op bag
A     2 items;   1 tomato, 1  onion
B     2 items; 1 cucumber, bag of 2 small zucchini's
C     3 items; 1 double head of broccoli, 1 soup bag with;
       kale, carrots, plum tomatoes,    cauliflower, green beans.
1 Leaf Lettuce
D     2 items;  1 red cabbage, bag of 2 med. sweet bell peppers
Free item: onion
Example 2 memberships
*save double!!  $40.00 2 Bags

3 Memberships & Save Big/Triple!!!
$60.00 3 bags

You Can even choose Meats with your Membership(s)
Purchase one of Cheyennes Market Gift Certificates 
Yall Come See Us, Ya Hear!!

Many different flavors & sizes      
            1lb Honey Glass Jars, Creamed Honey, 1/2 gallons & more.........      

Come choose your bag
of Organic Veggies

Join our organic Co-op 
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       Thank you and we truly appreciate your business!!